Most Data Centres are now being fitted with Data Centre Infrastructure Management DCIM. With the business needs changing frequently, the requirement to deploy new systems fast and safely in the Data Centre is paramount. With most Data Centre/Server rooms remote from the Network team, it is possible to monitor what is happening at each site on an hourly or daily basis. To this end it is essential that power and cooling are monitored to ensure all systems are working to correct parameters, should any anomalies arise they can be dealt with before they become a major problem. Deployment of new equipment should not compromise the existing equipment, the DCIM is used as a tool to protect the existing equipment. Together with asset management and rack provisioning the DCIM will if used to it’s potential protect your assets and keep the services in the Data Centre/Server room running to their full potential. The DCIM is also used to monitor power, down to cabinet levels, this will prove invaluable information for the Carbon Directive taxation. An evaluation process is needed to choose the correct DCIM system, what type of information, how it’s processed and presented will affect the product used. DCIM is still evolving therefore costs and products have large variants. Secom Networks use a radio frequency system, this cuts out the need to cable multiple connections for the DCIM. Together with an intelligent power pole and sensors we have the perfect and we believe the most cost-effective DCIM for you.


With today’s compliancy regulations there is an increasing requirement for asset tracking and auditing of assets. A manual audit can take days or even weeks dependant on the spread of assets, by the time the audit is finished something is moved or lost, which negates the audit. With live asset tagging all your assets are monitored using real time data, you know where your assets are without the need of somebody going to find it! If the asset is moved, you will be notified, all information associated to the asset can be logged such as when the licenses need to be renewed. End of life asset. The asset tags are connected via a Radio Frequency grid to a nominated server to house the database, a few days training on the system and you run yourself. The system connects using low frequency signalling, the frequency is far lower than other wireless networks… no interference with other data.



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