Secom Networks offers a report with recommendations service on building structured cabling distribution, Server rooms and Data Centres. The report covers patch rooms, cabinets, server room environments and Data Centre environments. The core of any company is the IT system, to this end it is important to have a resilient network infrastructure and the environment to support this, no matter how large or small. As companies grow it is normal for the IT systems to expand very quickly, unfortunately the network to support this just gets bits bolted on as a quick fix and quickly gets out of control. This leads to failures in components that are often over looked when they are over loaded, finding these components negates a quick fix which in turn leaves your network down for hours, costing your business revenue, wasted cost of staff unable to connect. Secom will visit the site/sites talk with the facilities Department regards support contracts and equipment, inspect all components and the environment. CRAC’s and air flows, Generator, UPS, Power Distribution. Cabinets, Fibre/copper cabling and distribution. From the information a report will be compiled with recommendations to allow the client to make an informed decision to protect your biggest asset your IT system! We are often asked to compile a report to check that the proposed equipment and upgrades are correct. We have saved client’s money by suggesting some of the upgrades proposed could be added at a later time to ease budgets.

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